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Tuesday 03/27/2012
NoBS Houston / GKIC - Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle - Central Chapter
Venue: The Forum - Houston
Address: 777 North Post Oak, Houston, TX, 77024
Hours: 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Cost: $20 first time guest / $65 per person


Houston Marketing Center March 2012

Central - Tuesday, March 27th @6pm
North - Wednesday, March 28th @6pm

You Must Be A Member Of GKIC Houston Insider's Circle To Attend

First-Time Visitors May Attend This Event For Only $19.95


Hello Fellow Business Builders,

There's been a lot of changes going on lately, right?

Price cutting, Groupon-type profit slashing promotions by competitors.

Gas prices WAY up and quickly getting out of control, suppliers raising prices.

Google's updated algorithim causing sites to drop dramatically, maybe yours?

The Only Thing That's Constant...

The only thing that is constant in any business is "change."

In the New Economy, this change is more evident than ever before.

The competition is out to get you...

The economy is making customers more selective...

Bad customer experiences are making them less trusting...

Over-hyped marketing is making them more skeptical... 

Are You Building Your Business On Shaky Ground?

Two reasons why building your business on a solid foundation is so important...

First, the foundation is what keeps you grounded. 

With all the distractions in our day-to-day working environment, it's important to stay laser-focused.  Half finished, almost there, just about done... won't cut it.

It's easy to get off track, keeping your efforts on the things that matter most will get you there faster.

Second, this is what the rest of your marketing structure will sit upon. 

The foundation of the business is truly the support and is critical to how well it will stand up to the test of time...

Houston Marketing Foundation

At this month's No B.S. Marketing Event we will do something different, something new - something so important, it could the single most constructive event of your entire life.

Constructive in that, we are going to be "constructing" the 4 Building Blocks to a successful business.  These are the cornerstones of success that provide the foundation for a highly profitable business.

Truly, this is the first time we've laid out the construction plans for four specific pillars of marketing and money-making success.

This is the month...

It's your month...

Time to get your hands dirty, roll up your sleeves and put these plans to work!

Here's What We Have In Store...

After our March event, you WILL have the confidence and foundation for a very successful business future.

You'll also know exactly how to build it from the ground up or put your business back on solid ground.

First, we'll lay the foundation for you to build a bigger, better and more profitable business.

  • Discover the step by step magical formula to Get New Customers!
  • Get 5 highly specific ways to get your customers to stay, pay and promote you often
  • Uncover the overlooked, under-utilized strategies that make your customers much more valuable
  • Find the 5 hidden opportunities to expand your business (and your income)

Next, we'll present to you the Four Business Building Blocks and show you...
  • The 2-part formula for faster customer acquisition
  • The exact place in your sales funnel where all the real profit exists
  • The one thing you can never, ever over do with your customers
  • The ultimate strategy to leverage your business for bigger and bigger money

Be sure to RSVP so we know that you plan to attend! 

RSVP right now so you don't miss out.  And also be sure to bring a friend or associate so they can share in our success.

As you can see, this event is going to be unlike any other, so you cannot afford to miss this one.

It is this Business Building No B.S. Marketing Event that will allow you to finally put everything in place to achieve your goals and objectives.

Make plans to attend right now and you will walk away with your column footings firmly in place, so that you will never have to fear or worry or be at the mercy of the economy, your industry, your customers or any other circumstances.



marekting-houston-the-forumPlease join us at our new location in Central Houston... The Forum At Memorial Woods.   It's very conveniently located at the corner of I-10W and 610, just behind First Baptist Church.

Please sign in at the front desk.  You will be directed to the event location.  

There is plenty of parking available and it's easy to get to from just about anywhere in the city.
See the details below.

Two Convenient Events & Locations To Choose From

Central Houston Event
Monday, March 27th
6:00 - 8:30pm
The Forum - Memorial Woods
777 North Post Oak

Houston, TX‎  77024
North Houston Event
Wednesday, March 28th

6:00 - 8:30pm
The Forum - Woodlands‎ 
5055 West Panther Creek
The Woodlands, TX‎  77381

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