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Wednesday 02/13/2013
Steven Kay's "Life Business and Money" Lunch & Learn - Hosted by MainStreetChamber Houston, Presents: "What's Wrong With Your Website?" featuring Jerry Hobby from Anything Internet
Venue: EurAsia Fusion Sushi
Address: 1330 Wirt Road, Suite #B, Houston, TX, 77055
Hours: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Cost: FREE to attend! (Buy your own lunch)
RSVP: 713-609-9805 or


What's The Point Of Your Website?
Jerry Hobby / Anything Internet
CEO &President
What's The Point Of Your Website? Sometimes will we build the website, we think more about what we want to say than about what people are actually looking for. Frequently we forget that the process is about helping customers find answers to whatever brought them to our website. Naturally we want those answers to illustrate how our company can provide a solution. So what does make a website effective for your customers?
Instead of thinking about what your company has to offer, consider what your customers actual needs are. When someone calls your phone number, what are the most common questions? Are they checking prices? Are they verifying a service or product that you offer? Pay attention to what your customers are asking and that can help you construct a website to help them.
Of course you can put all the answers to questions on your website. You can also put discounts and descriptions of your products and services. Naturally you will want contact information, location information, etc. How you organize this information is the difference between an informational site and a marketing tool for your company.
In most cases the objective is not to educate your customer. The objective is to inform the customer that you provide a great solution for their needs. Including pictures, testimonials, videos, and other elements can help establish credibility and support your primary content.

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